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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are 22 frequently asked questions we receive in interviews from potential team members. We encourage you to jot down any further questions you would like to ask us in a potential future interview.
Is there a dress code at Beau Monde’?
Yes. Beau Monde’s dress code is simple. Be conscious of the type of guest you are trying to attract and recognize the role your image plays in working for or against you. Do this under these guidelines: Black and/or white. No blue denim of any kind (tops or bottoms). No stiletto heels due to the fact that slim heels poke holes in the mats around our chairs and must be avoided to ensure their longevity.
Do I have to sign a non-competition agreement?
Yes. All employees at Beau Monde’ are required to sign a no compete prior to starting their employment. Beau Monde’ spends thousands of dollars each year on developing and promoting its team and its brand. This investment must be protected and so must the interests of Beau Monde’s employees. As you become established here it is our responsibility to make sure you have a safe dependable work place. One of the ways we do this is through implementing an employment agreement. There is a ninety-day grace period at the beginning of your employment at Beau Monde’ that states if for any reason either party doesn’t feel like it’s a good fit then either party can terminate the relationship and the contract is void. If after the sixty days both parties agree to move forward together then the contract becomes valid.
Does Beau Monde’ offer benefits?
Healthcare and Retirement:
We are working diligently and consistently in progressing Beau Monde’s team to be able to offer you healthcare and retirement.
Beau Monde’s commitment to continuing education for its team is second to none. Beau Monde’ allocates 10% of retail dollars to your education fund if you so choose. ALL team members of Beau Monde’ attend monthly in-salon education from Redken/Pureology facilitators. Beau Monde’s team attends multiple educational events annually, such as the Redken Exchange and Symposium, and currently has one Redken Certified Colorist and Redken Design Stylist, one Redken Master Specialist, three Redken Specialists, and three Mirabella Certified Bridal Artists.
Good Will:
You will benefit from the “Good Will” of Beau Monde’s name within the community and industry. Beau Monde’ has been serving the surrounding area for over 50 years! You will benefit from the relationships we’ve fostered within the industry and the reputation we’ve created for ourselves within our market. This will enable you to start your career with a higher expectation than in most places.
Beau Monde’s support systems are too numerous to name here. From Michael Cole’s jump journal, to confirmation calls, and gift bags and tours for first time guests. We are in the process of adding a front desk person to our team as well. Beau Monde’ is a salon committed to supporting its team and its guests with the most innovative systems available.
How often do I get paid?
Pay periods are weekly. We pay retail quarterly, unless you elect to deposit retail dollars into your personal education fund.
Do you offer paid vacations?
Currently we do not offer paid vacations. We grant most unpaid time off requests with enough notice and staff available to support business. Beau Monde’ closes annually for Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.
Do you offer flexible scheduling?
We try to work with everyone’s needs but ultimately the needs of the salon have to be met. We require that everyone who joins our team understand this and are able and willing to meet those requirements. When you are first starting out it is important that you are available at the high demand appointment times. The more established you become, the more demand for your time, the more flexible your schedule can be.
Do you offer a training program for future professionals?
 We are in the process of incorporating an associate/assistant program.
During this program you will be exposed to weekly in-salon training days specifically designed for future professionals. You will also gain practical experience in day-to-day operations. If you apply yourself during this time, you will undoubtedly have the foundation necessary to begin a successful career in the beauty industry. Stay tuned for further information on a training program within Beau Monde’.
Do I have to assist for that long?
We don’t look at it like that and we encourage you not to either. We know what it takes for you to be successful at a high caliber salon in our industry and we believe we’ve come up with a program that can prepare you for success in six short months after graduating cosmetology school. We believe this to be a minimal amount of time for you to invest in preparing yourself to take that next step. We owe it to you to make sure you have the confidence and tools necessary to maintain the level of expectations our guests have grown accustom to.
Does Beau Monde’ get a lot of “Walk-ins”?
The answer to a question like this is always relative to what you are comparing it to. However, Beau Monde’ is in a high traffic area and we have a tremendous reputation within the community. When you use the tools taught and given to you by our team, you will be astonished how quickly your business grows.
How do you determine who gets the “Walk-ins”?
With that kind of walk-in traffic our problem has never been who gets the walk-ins but rather who can accommodate the walk-in right now. Most of it based on the availability of the stylists and the demand of the guests.
Do I have to work nights and weekends?
Yes. You have made a choice to enter the service industry. In order to be successful you must be available to accommodate the demand of the public. The highest demand for first time guests are evenings and weekends.
Do you offer any part-time positions?
Again, you have made a choice to enter the service industry. In order to build your business in an appropriate and desired amount of time we highly suggest working full time. During the hiring process we can better determine the perfect schedule to suit yours, the salons, and the guest’s needs. Remember, the highest demand for first time guests are evenings and weekends.
Do you offer performance reviews?
Yes. Each team member has a monthly one-on-one with a mentor to review performance, celebrate successes, and identify opportunities for growth. Every team member will have the opportunity to give feedback for the previous month. One-on-ones are a critical part of Beau Monde’s success.
Does Beau Monde’ have a level system for their designers?
We are currently working towards incorporating a level system for all team members at Beau Monde’. A level system provides a career path of growth and achievement for our team as well as associates stepping up to new talent status.
Are you a commission salon?
Yes. All Beau Monde’ designers are paid on a sliding scale. The details of the scale can be discussed further into the hiring process. We caution those making a decision based on commission percentages. There are designers out there that make 100K per year on a 45% commission scale and those who make 50K per year on a 60% commission scale. The percentage has little consequence except to say that those salons luring stylists with very high commissions are not providing all the support necessary to maintain a vibrant business.
Do you offer booth rental?
Do you pay a retail commission?
Yes. Beau Monde’ does pay a retail commission quarterly; otherwise, we can deposit your commission directly into a personal education fund that can be cashed in at any time. Beau Monde’ also provides retail incentives for gifts, such as new shears, gift certificates to local retail outlets, cash incentives, and tickets to hair shows, etc.
Can I bring in models on my own time to practice techniques I’ve learned during training?
Yes we encourage you to do so. We also have mannequins on hand that are used for training purposes.
Will I be required to participate in Beau Monde’ sponsored events such as your annual cut-a-thon and guest appreciation days?
Yes. Community involvement is part of our mission statement at Beau Monde’. We require all team members to participate in philanthropic events within the community that supports their careers.
Is continuing education required at Beau Monde’ to move up in levels?
Yes. In addition to the required NC state board hours, monthly in salon education is highly recommended. There are specific requirements that must be met both in performance and education in order for a designer to be promoted to a new level at Beau Monde’.
Does Beau Monde’ do any advertising?
Very little. We are associated with Google as well as face book. We believe word of mouth, a great location, community involvement and public relations to be the strongest ways for us to reach our market.
What traits do successful team members at Beau Monde’ share?
Accountable, Passionate, Dependable, Goal-Oriented, Self-Motivated, Kind, Empathetic, Maintains A High Level Of Awareness, Works Well Under Pressure, Demonstrates A Positive Attitude, Committed To Bettering Self/Career/Life, Humility, Confident, Reliable, Accommodating, and Hard-Working.
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