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Team Testimonials
Haley Walls Pressley
Years at Beau Monde' Salon & Spa: 5
"There are so many reasons behind why I chose Beau Monde' Salon & Spa Inc.. As the owner's daughter I have experienced all aspects of the beauty industry throughout previous years. This profession is constantly changing and growing. The beauty industry is always challenging us with new styles, techniques, and trends, therefore, we have to stay totally on top of what is latest and greatest. There is a lot of competition for us as a salon and as stylists. This is why I love Beau Monde'. This salon has always kept professionalism and guest satisfaction as a top priority. As a stylist it is my desire to be the best I can be and to provide the best all around salon experience possible. Beau Monde' truly provides the best salon atmosphere around! Not only that, but I am ever grateful for all the wonderful education I receive by being a team member here. With I think one of the best team's around, we are top of the line. Every stylist, nail technichian, and massage therapist are highly educated and professional. Not only are we co-workers, but we are more, we are a team. This salon is a great fit for me because I love the people I work with, the beautifully clean facility, and also the pride and gratefulness we all have in representing an ever-changing and growing industry."
Kristy Gibson
Years at Beau Monde' Salon & Spa: 12
“My journey in the beauty industry started 10 years ago. I had graced the doors of Beau Monde’ at the age of seven, and I knew that if I stayed in the Western N.C. region, that is where I wanted to be. I always knew that a career as a stylist was my God-chosen path, and I was blessed with that opportunity in 2003 when I joined Beau Monde’ Salon & Spa’s team right out of cosmetology school. Since then my experiences have far-surpassed anything I could have imagined. I have had the joyous pleasure of participating and celebrating in the growth of Beau Monde’, the team, and myself over the years. My ability to succeed and thrive in this industry and salon has afforded me the opportunity to acquire my Redken Specialist, Master Specialist, Certified Colorist, and Certified Design stylist certifications. I have to say that Beau Monde’ Salon & Spa was, and is a major player in those endeavors. The owner of Beau Monde’ has always supported her team's dreams, encouraged us to take the next step, and given us the tools to obtain them. The standards and expectations of this salon are refreshing and invigorating, and has given me the drive to learn better, earn better, and live better. With the support this salon is so fortunate to receive from Redken and Salon Centric, they are able to provide its team members with the most innovative and up-to-date education, and products Redken, Pureology, and Mirabella has to offer. Being the premiere salon in the area we are the first to receive the latest trends, products, and in-salon education from some of the industries greatest minds. The color bar is fully stocked with every Redken color and lightner, our retail shelves are overflowing, and the vital systems needed to succeed are in place! The potential for growth is amazing when you use the tools Beau Monde' freely offers. But what I feel really makes Beau Monde’ what it has grown to be is our team. I feel incredibly blessed to work with a group of individuals with the same passion, determination, work ethic, and goals as myself. We pull together to get things done, to help one another, and we have a blast in the process. I have forged irreplaceable relationships with these ladies, which makes this warm, inviting ambiance Beau Monde’ has to offer my home away from home. There are life lessons built into walking through those doors every day. Lessons of patience, compassion, love, hard work and humility has made me who I am today! "
Samantha Green
Years at Beau Monde' Salon & Spa: 4
"I love working at Beau Monde'! This is the first salon I have had the priveledge of being a team member where professionalism flourishes. We are provided with amazing in-salon education with Redken, Pureology, and Mirabella Artists on a regular basis. Due to the immense amount of support we receive from Redken and Salon Centric, we have many opportunities to attend the top shows and classes, such as the Redken Symposium and Exchange. Because of my love for hair and make-up I feel I made an even better decision to come on board at Beau Monde' since the launch of Mirabella in the salon. I feel the connections I have made with the other team members at Beau Monde' are irreplacable. We can bounce ideas off of each other with no fear of judgement, on amazing creativity! They are truly amazing and so is Beau Monde Salon & Spa!"
Cassie Moody
Years at Beau Monde' Salon & Spa: 20
"I have worked at Beau Monde' for 18 years and I am proud to be a team member of this trend-setting salon. The facility is a warm and tastefully decorated environment. Our supplies are consistently stocked, and represent the quality of sales and service the owner and team members strive to provide. The salon is always offering us opportunities to cultivate our skills through continuing education and remain current in the latest industry products, trends, and innovations. The camaraderie of our team makes the salon feel more like a family than a workplace, and there are always exciting events and promotions taking place. We are the premiere salon in Waynesville, N.C.! I could not imagine working anywhere else!"

Kayleigh Lanning

Years at Beau Monde' Salon & Spa: 3

"When I graduated cosmetology school, I knew I wanted to work in a classy, professional, and high end salon. Of course, I thought  I needed to go to Asheville in order to find that. type of salon.  It did not take long for me to realize the salon where I was working, was not my fit.  After another, what I thought was hopeless, search, I went to Beau Monde'.  From the moment I stepped in the salon, I knew this was the one!  Little did I know that I would build not only a successful career, but a relationship with every member of this amazing team.  I so much appreciate all the awesome support from all my team members, Redken, Pureology, Mirabella, Bioelements, Salon Centric, and Summit.  My passion and entire heart is in this industry.  I truly cannot find enough words to say how excited I am to be a part of, and watch this salon company grow and succeed!!!"

Holly Simpson

Years at Beau Monde' Salon & Spa: 2

"I love working here!  I have never worked anywhere that I knew, when I walked in the door, everyone will be happy and have a smile on their face! Working here has helped my career blossom and I have learned so much, especially from my coworkers!  It is such a great feeling to know you are never alone here!  We are truly a family."

Marla Wengyn

Years at Beau Monde' Salon & Spa: 2

"I joined this team last year as their massage therapist. I have enjoyed each and every singly day I have been here. Each of my coworkers have been so extremely helpful and were very welcoming when I joined the team.  Over this past year, I have been able to incorporate many new services to my massage therapy menu, such as body treatments and many wonderful body wraps.  Education is of the utmost importance here at Beau Monde. Management highly supports our employees in advancing their knowledge and abilities so that they can carry out superior service along with growing in their field of expertise.
It has meant the world to me that Beau Monde encourages my personal creativity, the owners are quick to listen and respect the ideas of team members. Their main objective is to facilitate growth of team members and offer the best customer service in our ever growing community.  We have a strong teamwork ethic here at Beau Monde. Our main objective is to provide top quality customer service; here we work in a professional, friendly, state of the art environment.  First priority is to serve our guests with excellent service and let them know they matter, we truly look forward to each person that enters the door here at Beau Monde.
I look forward to continuing my work here as massage therapist, and gaining more knowledge so I can bring the very best to my guests.  It is easy to thrive in this positive environment, which makes my work enjoyable each and every day.  Being part of such a dedicated team is truly a delight and I always  look forward to coming here each day!  I feel great knowing I am part of such a wonderful business where I am respected and heard, where personal growth has no boundaries!"


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